Issues found on watch

I created a simple animation of a rotating batarang flying across the screen… Based on the material gradient base template.

It’s black on interactive and white on ambient.

On the phone app, the animations for both settings work fine, however on the Pixel Watch 2, the animation freezes on ambient mode.

Another issue I found was that when using a formula on text area to access step count, the phone app shows the proper count, but the watch remains at zero. The only fix I found was to use a complication to access step count… Which I didn’t want to use, as I like them for app shortcuts. Is there any way to get the formulas to work to access that data on the watch?

Another issue I’ve found is when scaling an image to large values, i.e. above 1400… The images glitch in the phone app and in the watch app

Another issue found…

Calendar events do not show on watch app, but do in the phone app.