Issue with Steps in latest KWGT Beta

I was trying to make a Steps Widget using latest KWGT Beta (with Health Connect integration). However, the steps shown in KWGT and Google Health is different. Today morning, KWGT was showing 2000+ steps while HC was showing 26 steps! any idea why? Sleep Data seems to tally with what HC/Fit shows. Also Distance also seems to tally. Problem I have is with Steps.

Open Health Connect settings and check “App permissions” and “Data and access”. Make sure that you have linked the right app and that the right data is properly shown.

All access enabled. KWGT Is showing 200-500 steps during night (when fit shows less than 0-10 when I wake up and check). When I check HC, it is showing data being accessed by KWGT in regular intervals. Apart from kwgt, Google fit also access data .

Can you check if Google Fit is the only data source in HC? Some devices, like say Samsung also have Samsung Health that HC can pull its data from.

I checked the activity log and see that after yady night (before midnight), next activity is after I woke up when Fit wrote activity data. However, when I woke up. it was showing 190 odd steps in KWGT. I use am Amazfit Trex Watch which sync data to Google Fit. Watch was showing 0 steps when I woke up and Fit was showing 0. End of the day, Steps in Fit and KWGT always differ.

Can you upgrade to the latest beta that was released a few hours ago and see if that helps?

installed beta yday night and today morning, KWGT wa showing 150 odd steps while Fit was showing 0. I think there is some issue with retrieval of steps. Don’t know if its caused by Zepp App. But Initial impression is thats not the case. Weird though. Sleep data is accurate (sleep data is uploaded by Zepp App to Fit and from Fit, accessed by KWGT via HC). Zepp has no direct access to HC.

Yday, KWGT stopped updating the steps at around afternoon. End of the day fit was showing around 5750 steps while KWGT Was stuck at around 3000. Today morning when I woke up, KWGT was showing 2700 odd steps while fit was showing 0 for the day. I guess it’s the differnece in steps yday. So how does KWGT update steps? Are the steps updated based on timestamp in fit or based on time when KWGT reads the data?

Issue with steps still remain. Steps in Fit/HC differs from Steps shown in KWGT.

Anything on this? Over the last week, have noticed that steps are not synced properly in the afternoon and those missed steps are recorded the next day, thus creating different values. Pls look into this… Steps counter is a really kool widget to have. Also any option to force update steps (like weather)? Is it possible

Were you able to try the latest beta?

I installed it today morning… however still seeing difference in HC or Google Fit values and Values in KWGT (Steps)

Thank you! Got it. Send an email to [email protected] so this can be investigated further.

Mail Sent… Done Happy to help if any further info needed. Sleep data is accruately reported though

Support wrote back today saying they were able to reproduce the issue and have raised internal ticket… to be fixed soon!

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