Issue with Pro key

Hi there,

I’ve had KWGT Pro for a while, but I have noticed when I download an icon pack which has KWGT templates in it, it tells me I’m missing the KWGT Pro key app and won’t let me open any of the templates. If I go to the Google play store, it asks me to buy the pro key app which is separate to the free version which I have downloaded, but as you can see by the attached screenshot, I have the pro version already. Can anyone help?

Widget packs were originally designed to look for the separate Pro Key app to determine if you have the pro version. When the in-app purchase was introduced, which does not require a separate pro key app, this created this problem. You should be able to still load the preset directly from within the editor. Just go to Load preset >> Exolore >> Installed packs. If you find this inconvenient, I suggest you send an email to [email protected] so they can replace your license type.

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Thanks so much! As long as I can access them, I don’t mind doing it that way, it’s just when I thought I couldn’t access them full stop.

Many thanks!