Issue when upgrading to pro. I should have taken the key app

Hello. A problem. I upgraded to Pro and when I did it gave me the option to upgrade internally or to get the upgrade as a separate app. I chose the former as I didn’t see the point in getting more clutter.

But this caused a problem. I bought a theme that needs that external pro key. So what now? Can you give me the pro key? It technically doesn’t make a difference since I paid already. Or can you roll back my upgrade and refund it so I buy the external key?

If you’ve already paid you should be able to download it for free

Not really. As you can see here, inside the app it says Im pro but the key on the store prompts me to pay again.

Sent them separately since I can only embed one file per post

In-app purchase do not require the separate pro key app. Some presets were designed to look for the separate pro key app. If you have one, you can load them directly from within KLWP. Just go to the Load Preset screen >> Explore tab >> Installed packs.

And you are right. It loaded fine. Thanks.

You are very much welcome!