Islamic (Hijri) date and calendar

I wish if the application supports the Hijri (Islamic) date or the Hijri calendar, even if it is in English, if you can, Thank you

(Hijri calendar - Saudi)

(Hijri calendar - Kuwaiti)

(Hijri calendar - Civil)

These are the three types of Hijri calendar supported in Google Calendar

If the Hijri (Saudi) calendar was supported as a start, we might be able to modify it and make the rest of the versions 🤔

I made this Hijri calendar earlier, from the Gregorian calendar 👇👇👇👇

Hello, thank you for the suggestion to include Hijri (Islamic) date support in Kustom! As a fellow app user, I understand how valuable it would be to have the Hijri calendar available for personal planning and religious observations.

Adding Hijri date functionality would definitely require some development work, but it seems feasible. The built-in Gregorian calendars are already so useful, being able to add an alternate calendar 2024 would make Kustom even more powerful.

Some possibilities for implementing Hijri support:

  • A standalone Hijri date text element, similar to the existing day/month/year items
  • Allow Hijri date selection in the Calendar event creation popup
  • New Hijri date formatter options for dates and times
  • A full Hijri calendar view alternative to Gregorian

Even just having the Hijri day, month and year as text elements would be a great start!

I hope the Kustom developers consider working this into future app updates. Please keep posting feature suggestions—community feedback is so valuable for making Kustom work for everyone’s needs! Adding Hijri calendar functionality would be such an inclusive addition.