Is possible to create a Lock Device button?

I've been using another widget app with the possibility of locking the device via widget. Is it possible to do in KWGT? If it is, how?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! This is not something Kustom can do out of the box but maybe some custom lockscreen allows you to do so via a shortcut, you can try to install some and then check in touch actions -> shortcut or touch actions -> activities and see if there is anything you can call to lock the screen from a Kustom touch.

I use two different apps that will do the same thing as you want Tasker or power toggles. The latter is the easier method but Tasker can lock it put it on silent and countless other things with a push of the same button if you choose.

I have Tasker how would you use it to lock your screen

through the nova launcher action wich allows you to lock your device maybe? thought that needed root though.