Is it possible to target multiple bluetooth devices?

I want to get the name and battery of multiple connected bluetooth devices.

So far I’ve tried: $nc(aname, 0)$ and …aname, 1)$ in the same text field but only “0” shows a name “1” is just blank.

Its most likely possible with tasker but I only want to use it as a last resort.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What is the complete syntax of your formula?

$nc(aname, 0)$ $nc(aname, 1)$

If thats what you mean?

I have also tried having 2 text fields with those expressions seperated but only aname, 0 returns something, thats with both devices connected.

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Hear ya cant test with multiple BT devices connected so I cant be of much help

No worries, thanks for your time.