Is it possible to send a variable to Tasker

I want to send a variable to Tasker in order to do some complex calculation depending on the value

Not yet

Sure but could you plann it ?

Could you plann for a future beta ?

It would be great if we'll be able to send some infos back to Tasker

Or at least write in a file and Tasker will read it.

The last part of your suggestion is already possible. $sh("echo '" + df(h:mm) + '" > /storage/emulated/0/Download/klwptext.txt")$ writes the time (for example) to a text file, and Tasker can read that.

I just learned that from the first Related Topics entry below your post:

I agree that a direct way to pass stuff to Tasker would be great too.

You can use Automate for that.

In klwp/kwgt create one object with the touch action to open a Link.

In the link your gonna use a URI Scheme like this one:


In Automate you create one Brodcast Recive block with the next settings

Action : android.intent.action.VIEW

URI Scheme : automate

Category : android.intent.category.BROWSABLE

Broadcast URI : VAR

You do your complex calculation with your VAR.

Then you create one Plug-in Action block, you select klwp or kwgt and you set your VAR and VALUE that you want to send to klwp/kwgt.

Back in KLWP/KWGT to recebe you value back just use this $br(tasker, VAR)$

*Replace VAR and Value with you owne var names.

Tasker has now release its new command system.
It allows 3rd party apps to send command directly to tasker.
A basic code snipped how to integrate it can be found on the website.

I currently do just this. It was a mission to replace a failing settings toggle widget that led me to KWGT.

For example, to set screen brightness in steps KWGT opens url autotoolscommand://newBrightness=:=$gv(brilev)$

Tasker has a profile event AutoApps Command with a filter newBrightness. This triggers a task to set the brightness based on that value

This is possible via open URL both on Flows (from 3.70) or standard touch action. In Flows setting a var can be done also when a formula changes or by any other internal Kustom event. See below comments for an example.