Infinite LOADING Screen


I assume there has been a new update yesterday that won’t let KLWP load my wallpaper. Don’t know how to fix it: I restarted my phone/app and changed wallpaper but to no avail.
Currently running KLWP Pro 3.74b330311 on an OnePlus 9 Pro, Android 13.

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Also having a similar issue except my background is glitching differently each time it loads. Didn’t make any changes on my end, it just started randomly having issues loading.

I’m not sure if both of these are caused by the same issue, but you can start by turning on “Disable Parallel Rendering”. Just go to KLWP’s app settings > Advanced options. This will most certainly solve the “glitch”, but not sure about the loading issue. You can additionally make sure to remove KLWP from battery optimization.

parallel rendering didnt work for me, KLWP is already removed from the battery optimization

Try the latest build from the link below and see if that helps.

installed and restarted phone, didnt work

alekks is not the only one having problems - wallpaper & widgets are not working (loading) at the moment for me neither. Tried rebooting & latest stable already.

Same issue, Samsung Note 10 and KLWP 3.74b331712

hows this bug still not fixed or properly adressed yet? its a complete breaking bug, not allowing me to use the app i paid for?

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