In KLWP - Touch Events Triggered When Komponent Is Faded Away on Scroll

I have just discovered this odd + frankly dangerous situation.

I have many wallpaper komponents that I want displayed/active when a specific home page is showing. To do this I assign them animations that fade out on bg scroll with center set to that page number. And this works darn well.

But when on another home screen page with the komponent faded-out, I find that if I tap an empty location where the komponent would be on another page, the touch event is triggered!

I cannot believe this is intended behavior! How can I prevent this? Is it a bug?


See some “resolution” here:

Here is a screen recording of the mis-reporting of the home screen page on my phone. At the very bottom, center, just below the home button, is a small number which is the result of the formula $si(screen)$. Watch that as I swipe right to left. It starts at 6, goes to 7, goes to 7 again - where it should be 8, and finally back to 1.