Images set as bitmap globals appear in editor but not on home screen

Like the title says, I have five png img’s set as bitmap globals that suddenly disappeared from my home screen. Re-applying preset doesn’t help. I have a OnePlus 8t with OxygenOS 14. Rooted with Magisk and LSPosed. I thought it might be a mod I’d installed but removing it had no effect. I haven’t tried a clean install of KLWP yet. The preset was working fine up until yesterday evening except that the editor would occasionally crash. Then sometime yesterday afternoon it stopped crashing but that’s when the bitmaps disappeared. Perhaps setting the images directly to the background shapes instead of setting globals? And if I do that and it works will not having the images as globals effect the shareability of my preset?

(Edit:Using latest stable KLWP version from Play store)

(Edit2: added recent behavior of KLWP app and phone info)




Can you try moving the image inside the Kustom folder and updating the path to the following format?


Thank you for responding. I solved the problem in an unusual way… I used KAPK to create an APK and when I loaded the preset from the APK to Kustom the problem was gone. I made some changes and exported it and now it’s working like it should and I don’t need to use the APK to load it. Weird in my opinion :person_shrugging: as much as I love Kustom apps, I must say that it’s the single most buggy app I’ve ever used. Both Beta and Stable versions exhibit very strange behavior from time to time and often just appear and disappear on their own.