I'm new on kustom formula, so many question in my head

How many Nested Group can be handled by fl() ?

gv(c/cl) = @_group@name:Bill Smith@name:Jhon Doe@name:Rihana@name:Nikita Zaskov@name:Ivan Kiev@name:Riota Nakamura@name:

Not Working
$lv(“g”, tc(split,gv(c/cl), @_group , 1))$
$lv(“n”, “tc(split, #g, @name:, i)”)$
$fl(1,15, “i+1”, #n, tc(utf, “0a”))$

Still working
$lv(“n”, “tc(split, tc(split,gv(c/cl), @_group , 1),@name:, i)”)$
$fl(1,15, “i+1”, #n, tc(utf, “0a”))$

are there something i missing ?

and how to fix #z+i ? even #z-i still work or when i put “+” it always convert my variable as int. but not work on this case :v

$lv(“x”, mu(rnd,1,10))$$lv(“y”, mu(rnd, 20, 30))$
$lv(“z”, if(mu(rnd, 1, 2)=1, #x, #y))$
$lv(“print”, if(#z=#x, #z-i, #z+i))$
$fl(1, 5, “i+1”, #print, " ")$

the first one not working simply because it fl can’t access the #g since it’s created outside of it.

so we only have 1 local variable containing tc() that can be executed by FL?

for the second issue i’ve try mu(abs) but mu() can’t read value as interger.
but finally tc(utf, “2b”) solved that :

$lv(“x”, mu(rnd,1,10))$
$lv(“y”, mu(rnd, 20, 30))$
$lv(“z”, if(mu(rnd, 1,2)=1, #x, #y))$
$lv(“print”, if(#z=#x, #z-i, #z+tc(utf, “2b”)+i)))$
$fl(1, 5, “i+1”, #print, " ")$

i never though tc() when mu() can’t handle it.
i hope dev fix this concat.