Icon Color

The formula $si(wpcolor1)$ is not working properly. I put in the global section several images, and in the background section I choose one to apply as wallpaper, then I used this formula for icon color, however when a change the wallpaper the color does not change accordingly. Am I doing something wrong?

What version? Klwp or kwgt?

KLWP Version 3.73b314511 pro. If I use the formula “bp” it works, but any time I change the wallpaper I have to change the formula. Thanks.

Do you have the formula in the right place? In a formula field here (for an image icon)?

Or here (for a fonticon)?

No, I do not. My idea is change the color in global and then apply the color in the icon. I tried put the formula as you advised, but it did not work, does not matter the wallpaper I choose, the color is always the same. Weird, it is like the program does not recognize the wallpaper. Thanks a lot for your support. I do not gave up yet…

Well you need to apply the formulas as above, ignore globals. See here for how to change a colour field into a formula field