I was advised to Cross post this- (KLWP and Nova)Screen goes away if no icon or widget, True?

I am creating a layout from scratch for my new S24 Ultra, 3 screens, the middle is a home screen. Screen three I will use for a bunch of info, using KLWP. It has no icons added or widgets.

However, I notice that after a few uses, the, screen three disappears. I am left with Screen 1 and 2 (2 is my designated Home). I add it back and again after a few uses, it disappears.

I have found if i place an icon or widget, it stays.

This seems to be some kind of Auto setting to clean up your screens, maybe. I have searched thru the Nova settings for an answer, but nothing. I have to be missing a setting somewhere, right?

Galaxy s24 latest Nova, KLWP and Android versions


This is actually a Nova Launcher issue. If a page does not have an icon/widget, Nova Launcher will consider it unused and automatically delete it. One workaround is to add a transparent icon. For some, locking the layout works. Just go to Nova settings >> Home screen >> Advanced >> Lock Layout.