I cant stand the new font picker!

I have tried to use the new font picker, but i have THOUSANDS of fonts. And using the new picker makes it so frustrating. If i pick a font then change my mind it takes me all the way back to the BEGINNING of my list instead of picking up where I left off!! When i try to sort by last used IDK what order it gives me but all i see are fonts i havent even used yet!! I miss the option to sort by newest uploaded fonts!! The ONLY GOOD THING I CAN SAY ABOUT THE NEW PICKER IS THE WAY IT PUTS THE WORD/WORDS IM CHANGING AS THE SAMPLE TEXT!!! Is there any way i can go back to the old picker PLEASE!!!

I used to use the wallpaper app on a daily basis I’ve made hundreds of different wallpapers but since the new picker was added I can’t even make myself finish one wallpaper it is completely taken custom live wallpaper off of my hobby list all together

There is no way to go back to the old one but i can improve the current, i get that the list is not scrolling back to where it was when you last used it (working on it), on top of that is there anything else that could be improved?

P.S. the new build that should be out today / tomorrow fixes the position restore of the list so the picker will remember the scrolling position (not the font, so if you sort randomly it won’t scroll to the font but to the position only)

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