I can't open any link in the browser

I can't open any link in the browser thats assigned to the "Touch" properly of any element.

Any link with or without http/https in front. All 3 Last versions (stable or beta) not working for me. Even in my new phone its the same

Only version 3.36 works as it should be.

Devices: Pocophone & Mi mix3

Os: Android Pie (Miui 10)

I see the same problem here.

Device: Xiaomi Pocophone F1 with Android P / MIUI (their latest stable version)

KLWP: 3.39b911019

For the record, I've uninstalled the stock Android browser and installed Chrome and Chrome is configured as the default browser in Android (..if this makes any difference).

Other actions are working as expected on touch i.e. launch app, so this isn't a KLWP "project / layout" type problem, it just seems to be a bit bust.

MIUI / KLWP problem? ..who knows.

Same here also with Pocophone F1 / Android 9 / MIUI 10.3.4.

Touch event is actually firing since the phone reacts to the touch vibrating, it just do nothing

Does the copy paste function on code editor ? When you copy some text on the editor does the copy/paste toolbar is showing ?

When you are on code editor and copy some text does the copy/paste toolbar showing?

For me it's not showing and I can't copy or paste anything on code editor

I'm not sure what toolbar you're talking about to be honest. I see a little context menu popup when I select text or if I long press and I have some text to paste. That seems to work well enough.

I'm also not sure why my reply isn't inline with your question in this thread.. never mind.