I am getting huge background data usage even though it is disabled in Android settings and I have the settings to refresh at the least frequent intervals. Can not figure out what the cause is

I need to figure out how to reduce background data usage. My refresh settings are not that frequent so I don't know what is causing it to use half a Gb in a day.

Hi! this is usually caused by maps used as background with a "precise" location formula, please double check the following:

  • Your location settings in the app are set to low power
  • If you are using KWGT you did not check the update in bg option
  • If you are using a map in your preset ensure that instead of using $li(lat)$ and $li(lon)$ in the formula you are using $li(lplat)$ and $li(lplon)$ which are returning a less precise position and will cause a less frequent refresh
  • If you do not want the map to update with your position consider setting a manual location, this should bring that usage to zero
  • Please upgrade to 3.23 there was a small bug in 3.22 which might cause additional usage, since 3.23 is not out yet you can find it for download at http://kustom.rocks/klwp/apk or http://kustom.rocks/kwgt/apk if you are using KWGT

I will add in the future an option to disable image downloads when not in wifi.