How to make a custom AOD using KWGT and Standby Mode Pro

Download the Standbye Mode Pro app and purchase the premium membership. This will allow you to use third party widgets for the app. Then use the duo UI and select third party widget 1 and 2 respectively. Now open KWGT and select the two empty widgets that were created in Standbye Mode Pro, select a fully black background and add whatever you want to the widget. when you go back to Standbye Mode Pro, it should populate the widget, now enjoy your custom AOD!

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is it same app by “zetabit tecnologia”?

Yes, it is, I now see that I added an “e” to standby every time

no, I asked because nowadays, once the new idea is found some other copy makers copy the app so play store is filled with many same name app that’s why. don’t worry about spelling this is not English class, I don’t care about misspellings.

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