How to change the username

How do I change my username here in forums?
It currently displays as “kustom1” which is clearly not my name nor desired. :stuck_out_tongue:

Click on your avatar from the top right >> Profile icon to the left (person) >> Preferences >> Username. I hope that helps.

Unfortunately there is no editing option / pencil icon in order to do so. :cry:


Sent you a PM. Let me know if you received it.

I’m having the same problem with being unable to edit or change my username as the fellow you sent a PM to last year. There is no pencil showing when I click on my picture, select preferences, and then my profile. I can change my avatar, and/or disconnect my Google account, but no way to change my displayed user name which is currently displaying my email address. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It seems that is unchangeable - otherwise it would have been changed already.
Maybe the backend will get fixed in a few years … :wink:

Got yours manually changed. :slight_smile:

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My hero!!! :heart_eyes: Thank you very much!!! :hugs:

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