How to add formula to overlap group > layer > visibility?

How do I add a formula to the visibility of my overlap group layer?

I saw somebody mention doing this in another post, but under the group’s layer > visibility, the only options I have are: Always, if landscape, if portrait, never, remove. (no formula option)

It was me that posted “another post” about the issue. Suddenly the calculator that symbolizes formula insertion is gone. It is no more pissible to use formulas in opacity. Something wrong is going on …

It works on my KLWP. Go into the Overlap Group, click on Layer and then scroll down to Visibility. Click the check box on the right end of Visibility and the Calculator option to turn it into a formula should appear at the top of the screen, on the right.


This should work with Opacity as well.

Sweet. Thanks so much. That opens up a lot of doors!