How do you change the widget size?

When choosing a size for the widget you don't get that many options (4×4/2/1...) But say i want to make a wider / longer widget, it would get clipped and so resizing from the home screen wouldn't help.

Sorry if this is a stupid question I'm new

Hi! To resize a widget please do the following:

  • Add the widget to your screen
  • Before loading a preset, long press on the widget and resize it dragging the borders
  • If you are on Nova and want no padding long press on it and select "padding"
  • Load a preset, preset will be scaled automatically

If you already loaded the preset, do the following:

  • Resize the widget
  • Click on the widget at least once (in an empty area of the widget) so it gets the new size
  • Enter the editor so you can properly resize or correct the widget size using Layer -> Scaling option in the root

If you do this often and want the widget to automatically change its size when you resize go to Settings and set the Auto Size option to "auto"


Sorry to jump into the topic.

I'm quite new to KWGT so I might be missing the obvious.

Your above suggestion is working fine for me as long as I stick to "horizontal" resizing. I start with a 1x1 widget and extend its size to the left or right.

Now I am trying to set up a "vertical" widget (along the right screen edge) with 1 column large and 4 rows high, containing 90° rotated text. Despite all my efforts the text gets wrapped early (seems to still respect the initial height of 1 row).

It would work correctly if I start with a 2x4 widget but this one can not be resized/reduced to 1x4 (the dimensions I really seek here).

Nb: Using a Blackberry DTEK60 with BB Launcher.

Thanks for the help.