How do I get the length of an array?

The API I'm using has the most recent data last, and can span upwards of 1000 objects.

I'm trying to retrieve individual hashes for each recent date to create a graph.

So I would need to get the length of .data[]

The closest I've come is

$wg(, json, "")$

Which retrieves the entire JSON.

Did you try $wg(uri, json, ".data.length()")$ ? This was introduced in json path 2.2.0 and should be part of standard 3.25 distrp

Huh, never heard of json path 2.2.0. Glad you told me.

An unrelated question, but do you have any idea how to parse this date: 1497319800?

It's Unix epoch time, no idea how it works.

Jsonpath is the library Kustom uses to parse Json, to parse a timestamp just use $df(HH:mm, timestamp)$ or $df(HH:mm, timestamp + df(Z))$ if you want it to be converted to your local timezone (assuming timestamp is in UTC)