How do I create widgets that look like normal home screen icons?


I'm looking to create home screen icons/widgets by way of KLWP or KWGT that look exactly like regular home screen icons, text included, and I'm struggling to figure out how to do so. I'm running Android 10 with Nova Launcher, and I have both KLWP Pro and KWGT Pro. I've mapped out task shortcuts by way of Tasker, and I'd like for those respective shortcuts to appear on my home screen as normally sized app icons with accompanying text (just as normal icons appear). My background is solid black, and I’ve “picked” the bitmap images that I’d like to use through Iconzy.

Any ideas?


Hello Jake,

Here's what I would do :)

- Create a Stack Group in the root of your KLWP

- Add a shape in the Group

- Set the shape to use the app shortcut bitmap (FX -> texture -> bitmap -> choose the Iconzy bitmap you created)

- Return to the Stack Group root and add a text (set the text as you'd like, e.g., "Google Chrome")

- In the Stack Group Layer tab, set it to Vertical Center

- You might also want to adjust the scale of the group and the margin between the elements there

- Lastly, set the Touch tab action to Launch App for the app you want (or Launch ShortCut -> Task Shortcut from Tasker)