How can I make a battery komponent in KLWP/KWGT?

So I was wondering if you could do the same as with weather icons, just with battery level (Maybe even Wi-Fi strength or Mobile signal) in a komponent. If it's possible, how can I do it? I am sorry that I'm such a noob at this :( Thanks for help anyway :)

Hi! Yes, for sure its possible, if you want to do it based on bitmaps like the weather icons the basic idea is the following:

  • Add a Komponent to your screen
  • Select the "new" icon to add an empty one
  • Go to the Globals section
  • Add a new Global of type Bitmap, call it for example "battlow"
  • Add an image of a low battery to it
  • Add new globals with other states like "battmed" "batthigh"
  • Go back to the main list of items
  • Add an "Image Module"
  • Go to the Image tab, select the "Bitmap" option, turn it into a formula with the formula icon
  • Now comes the trick, you need to select an image based on the battery status, a very simple one would be:
    • $if(bi(level) < 20, gv(battlow), bi(level) < 50, gv(battmed), gv(batthigh))$
  • The formula will select the global "battlow" if battery level is less then 20, the "battmed" one if less than 50 otherwise the batthigh
  • Done, you can save and press the export button on your komponent so it will be reusable, the user will be able to change the 3 bitmaps so it will be able to easily adapt it to their settings

Hi, great advice and I managed to get it working just fine so many thanks for that!

One additional question though; my battery theme also includes 5 "battery charging" icons, indicating the current battery level and a charging symbol. So, how can I integrate these icons in the formula so that whenever you hook up your phone it shows the charging icon with its appropiate level?