Help with flow trigger in kwgt

Help with trigger in kwgt

I am using tasker to get location for kwgt.

I want to make a touch trigger using flow to click.

I was to trigger a url intent but i dont know how to do it.

Url is


Which will trigger tasker to start the tasks in the background on touch of a kwgt widget.

How can i do it?

To trigger a Flow using touch, first set your Flow Triggers to Manual and the Actions to Intent URI. You can then set an element’s, like shape, Touch Action to “Trigger Flow”.

Can you tell me how can i format a intent url

I mean how can i write

My intent is


In the flow add an “Intent Action” task and then use an URI like:


This might require extras, or not work at all since Kustom will only attempt to start this Intent with its own context, you can find more elaborate examples here:

Its not working indeed and i have no idea how to implement.

Here is what i want to achieve.

I have a kwgt music player where play button has a touch with music control play/pause

What i want is that whenever i touch play in music player it will start playing music (which it does) but also i want that to enae tasker services in the background.

I created a flow with trigger to manual and intent uri to


And i made another touch in play button along with play/pause

But unfortunately its not working. Do you have any idea how i can achieve this.

Im using a android head unit and every time i start the car the tasker services are killed by system and i have to open tasker app manually to wake it up.

So i am trying to wake the services by enabling music play touch because i will play music first thing. And can utilize that to wake up tasker.

Is it possible?

You can not start a service from Kustom if you can from Tasker then create a task on Tasker to do that then trigger the task from the flow using an URI

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