HELP: KWGT Touch Feature - Is there a way to launch more than 1 / group of App's upon Touch? #galaxyfold

On the Samsung Galaxy Fold, you are able to put more than one app in a group so that when you tap, it opens that collection of apps, together side by side as you last had them. (Ie; when you drag one app over the other and it creates a folder - you can then star it as a favourite so it will reopen them in future)

My question is: using the ‘touch’ feature on the Widget editor - is there a way you can set it so when you touch rather than open one app, it opens those group of apps, as above.

Thank you all!

Like this :slight_smile:

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I don’t think this is possible. You can launch multiple apps with one touch, but not side-by-side. Samsung does not allow access to these bookmark (+) items.

Hey! Thanks for the reply!

Not sure what you mean? It is possible to launch them with one tap on Samsung, as demonstrated.

How to i do the touch to launch multiple apps with one touch on Kustom ?

Sorry if I was not clear. The way I understand this, you created that “TCP Smart/GoveeHome” launcher by setting the apps on your screen and then saving them using the “+” button to create a shortcut, correct? If yes, there’s no way to call that shortcut from KWGT.

To launch multiple apps with one touch, simply add multiple Touch in your object assigned to different apps. They will all launch, but will not be side by side.

Ahhh I get you. Thank you kindly for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

So far as my ‘first attempt’ goes… I’m not doing too bad if I may say so!! :rofl::grin: thank you Kustom!! :raised_hands:

Just another tiny quick question @Ace , rather than start a whole new topic! I’m pretty sure this has been answered somewhere on the forum already and I have looked everywhere but is there a way, without creating a restoration point to simply ‘edit undo’? haha thank you in advance! Appreciate the assistance

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