Heavy performance falloff during sessions of app usage longer than 2 minutes

Device Info:
Model: Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (SM-A536U1/DS)
Android version: 13, OneUI 5.1
GPlay System Update: August 1, 2023
Android Security Patch: September 1, 2023

Synopsis: When editing an LWP (especially animations), for longer than 2-3 minutes, the application’s UI frame rate will drop significantly, from a perfect 120hz (On this device/display) to 10 or even lower. Performance does not return to normal unless user closes/suspends the app, and reopens it. This occurs consistently and constantly, and appears unrelated to user actions (performing actions that would typically be simple to do, such as creating/deleting objects or editing shape properties will result in the same issue). Issue has been happening since I got this device (Approx. March of last year). Problem does not occur outside of the editor/on the home & lock screens.

Expected Behavior: Consistent application performance, without the need to constantly close/relaunch KLWP every 2-3 minutes.

Yep… Have That exact issue on both my s22 ultra & A52s Although, Haven’t seen it happen since Latest update – But then… also changed a bunch of settings… any number of those can also have solved the issue. I’ll try and break it again… If anything discovered… i’ll come back here –

What settings did you change? I could make some adjustments and do some testing to see what effect they have for me. I suppose I should also check to ensure that I’m running the latest version too (from my memory it should auto-update via Google Play though)