Heart rate?

No matter what complication I use or what formula I try, I can’t get an accurate heart rate which just stays at the same number

Depending on the watch, the default complications may not provide this data. Try installing a 3rd party app that does.

It’s a galaxy watch 4 and I’ve installed 2 different heart rate complication apps and all I get is the same number regardless of what formula or taking heart rate measurements. I just can t figure it out.

I look this up and it looks like this issue is not exclusive to Kustom. This appears to be an API access issue. You can read this thread here.

Thank you for the info but all I know even after reading a lot of the comments in that article is that I can get it to work in watchmaker. With no issues. So it’s just frustrating but not a deal breaker.

Hi @Billy_Higginbotham ,

Here’s what I’ve done to get the HR working fairly consistently. I’ve tried this on my Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (with a Galaxy S22 Ultra) and on my Galaxy Watch 6 Classics (with Zold Fold 5 & Z Flip5). All of my watches are the LTE versions and the smallest size offered.
-On my watch for Heart Rate I’ve selected Measurement= Every 10 mins while still. I just tested with measure continuously (but usually avoid this selection because of the watches being LTE and the smallest battery size & the batteries don’t last as long as a BT watch) and the HR number on my watch face was constantly changing. This test was specifically done on my Galaxy Watch 4.
-After installing the Heart Rate Complication app on my phone & then sending to/installing on my watches, I allowed all permissions.
-In my KWCH preset, I added an Image item for my favorite HR icon and then a text item with this Kode:
‘$tc(nfmt, mu(round, cd(3, rval)))$’
…Note that “3” is for the Complication Slot I’m using. You pick whatever Slot you want.
-Save/Export the watch face then Send the Watch Face to your Watch.
-Now this part was a must for me: Go to the Galaxy Wearable app on your Phone where you should see your selected Watch Face. Hit customize, Select Complication 3 (or whichever Slot you chose) and scroll down to the “Heart Rate Complication” app section and Tap on Heart Rate. Hit Save.
-Check your watch face for results!
I hope that this works for you. Good Luck!

Thank you so very much for this greatly detailed response it is so very much appreciated. I too have the galaxy watch 4 with a pixel 6 phone, I’ve done everything exactly like you have it except for the text code I couldn’t figure out. Sadly when I input your text code it still didn’t work for me😞. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out but I do know it works flawlessly in watchmaker and that’s what aggravates me.

The main difference seems to be you using a Pixel 6 phone. What OS are you on? I’m on Android 13.

I have the same problem with the Galaxywatch 6. The Samsung watchfaces and Watchmaker work.
However, I can’t give the app authorisation for the body sensors either, it doesn’t appear as an app in the list.

I think the watchapp should have the authorisation to query body sensors, right?

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Im running android 14 but the pixel phone shouldn’t make a difference because like I said when I design watch faces with watchmaker all complications work flawlessly

Understood then. You might want to Log a specific KWCH/KWEAR issue for Frank. Noting (mainly) that you are on Android 14.
Include All and any Phone/OS information that you can provide as it can help.

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The heart rate display still does not work with the latest version of KWCH.

All authorizations given in Health Connect. See pictures. But KWCH does not access it.

S23 + Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

The heart rate shows 0 on the watch.

Does this work for someone without additional programs?

Bild 1
Bild 2

Health connect heart rate data is not real time, if you want real time heart rate you need a complication right now as KWCH won’t access the HR sensor directly (YET), i might change this.

When I install the Hearth Rate Compilation app on the watch, I am told that the app is obsolete and will be discontinued because the “bug” with the heart rate has been fixed.

It would be nice to have it directly in KWCH, as I’m not a fan of additional apps. Especially if there is no further development.

Thanks for the Information

I am working in adding the sensor, i will have to probably add a new param for the instant hr in fitness data

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Looking forward to this new HR feature!

Thanks for working on this!