Health Connect Integration

I would love to see KWGT get Health Connect integration, to read sleep, steps, nutrition, vitals, and more to incorporate into widgets.

Examples of vitals:
$fd(hr, a0d, a0d, resting)$; $fd(hr, latest)$

Examples of nutrition:
$fd(nu, a0d, a0d, water)$; $fd(nu, a0d, a0d, calories)$


I definitely need to migrate from Google Fit to this

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Google Fit API is deprecating in 2024 and Health Connect will be baked into Android 14 by default. I hope yhe developer here will consider adding the support to retrieve health data.


I know this is an old post, but this is also top of my wish list. There is not a single good looking widget for any calorie counting app. Supporting health connect allows you to pull that data from your calorie counting app of choice. And this goes for any metric! By supporting health connect, kwgt would in theory not need to support anything else in the “genre”, and it seems especially important with Fit being replaced by it.

This is coming in 3.75, beta should be out early January

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This is now available for testing in 3.75, beta is out for manual download (except KLWP) at Downloads | Kustom HQ

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I got the beta, and it works well! The “fix now” button that comes up when the app doesn’t have Health Connect permissions doesn’t work, bit I manually granted it inside Health Connect and it works now!

Is there any way to get nutrition data like gauvinalexander70 originally suggested in his post? I was hoping to make a calorie counter widget but I can’t find a way to do it. Thank you!

Great!! Will fix

What @gauvinalexander70 suggested at the beginning is partially doable, so calories can be counted this way:

$fd(calst, a0d, a0d)$

This is total calories, “cals” is active calories and “calsr” resting calories. You cannot however cound protein intake, water and other things as those are part of the Nutrition permission which has not been requested for Kustom as of now, i can do it but i would open a different post for that as the process is long and i won’t do it in this release.

Ah, ok thank you. My understanding is that active and resting calories are both forms of calories burned, but Im looking for calories consumed which I think is also under nutrition :pensive:. Thank you for the response!

Edit: looking at Health Connect entries, it is in fact under Nutrition and is just called energy.

Nutrition permission is not there, i am waiting for KLWP approval for the existing permissions, as soon as it comes i will raise a request for Nutrition too but this won’t go into 3.75 most likely

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Bump to keep thread alive. Great idea and glad part of this is already coming to fruition.

You can test this today in latest beta if there is anything missing please open a new idea request

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