Health and Music not working on Galaxy Wear 6

I tried any possible solution, also reinstall, but with Samsung music, Wear media, Spotify and YouTube Music nothing is shown on my WatchFace. Song position is always 00:00 and song duration is always 00:01. Song name is empty. Funny thing is that while editing on my phone the information are ok.
Moreover buttons touch associated to play/pause, previous and next also fo nothing.
Only volume up and down are ok (provided that they open the volume slider that is an annoying behaviour).
Are maybe such behaviours associated to the broadcast intent related to Bluetooth buds commands?

The same applies for health. Time and distance are always 0, even during my training with Samsung health. I also used a bar with heart rate that also isn’t moving.

Third I’m struggling with Gmail and WhatsApp notifications. I programmed an icon with a counter in the corner that remains always 0. Moreover I added a text area that shows latest WhatsApp message if any and this field is always empty.
If I instead slide left to right the WhatsApp messages are there.
Also in this case while I’m editing the messages appear on phone screen.

Final issue. I read that double touch has been removed but single touch is a nightmare with a big hands like me. I have a touch icon to open music app, another to open Samsung health and a third for WhatsApp but often the watch opens wrong app because mismatch my touch. Probably a double touch would solve my problem. But I can change my WatchFace to make buttons far if other problems will be solved.

How can I solve my issues or help you in checking if is all Ok?

I bought the app because to my seems the only way to have a WatchFace with time, WhatsApp messages, music info and command and training info, all at the same time.