Gradient mask

It will be nice if we can use a gradient shape to apply a vanish effect to a layer below :)

I've actually tried this very thing multiple times and every time I then remember that my previous attempts never bore fruit hahaha

Would love it if this feature was possible. Have you made any progress?

I seem to be able to achieve the effect only in preview by using a shape with the "clear" filter and adding a #00000000:verticle gradient FX. Then placing that on top of my image. This never translates over though.



I adjusted the image to bleed off so you could see how the effect is treated.

This can be accomplished by placing XOR or MULTIPLY colored shapes over your image with a vertical horizontal or gradient.

Yeah, it works for some use cases but unfortunately it works like the clear filter and wipes out everything below it. Preferably we want it to work with Clip Next Module so you can fade a single element in a komponent.

It always works. I'll post a shot of what ai just built. 1 overlap group. 2 shapes.

Yep, I get that. Now try and put a white rectangle background in that overlap group. Your xor will clear that too.

Like this?

Now radial...

Either yours acts different than most or you're not understanding what I'm saying. Posting mine.

No friend and I credit my knowledge here going back to Zooper days. Learn your paint filters. One of the best designing elements I ever learned. The power is ridiculous. Check out Brandon Craft's YouTube video on them for Kustom. Experiment with layering shapes of different filters in the same overlap group.

Try adding a dst base color

I've been designing for 15 years, I know how blending modes work. I'm not stupid and I'm not attempting to prove you wrong for the sake of being right, in attempting to troubleshoot. Stop being high and mighty and just listen. Look at the picture I posted. This is the behavior exhibited by my KLWP under each of the listed conditions. Are those the same setups you're using? Are you seeing different behavior with the same setup?

Or simply separate your overlap groups.

You can't in a komponent. If I'm building a komponent to share or sell this functionality is broken.

Getting a little frustrated by your can't attitude. Do you want me to give you the komponent as Ive made one or do you want to learn how?

If you have a working example send it my way. I'd love to see it.