gps question

many new Android phones have GPS issues where the system won't allow apps to use it in most cases. I have one of them.

What this means in KWGT, is that KWGT is unable to get a valid location unless I put it in high accuracy mode, in which case it forces the GPS to be on all the time.

I'm impressed by this, really, because I've tried many other apps and ways to resolve my GPS issues in general, and KWGT is the only app I've found so far that can keep the GPS on even after the phone has been asleep. Kudos! Most apps can keep the GPS active as long as the device is awake, but the GPS is shut down when the device is asleep.. and then won't turn back on. KWGT manages to keep it active!

None of the other KWGT location modes are able to activate GPS at all though... the high accuracy mode is the only one that works for me on this particular phone. That's OK, but really I don't need it on all the time, I'd like to be able to save battery by having the GPS turned on maybe once a minute, or once every 5 or 30 minutes instead of a 100% duty cycle.

I don't know why GPS doesn't come on at all in modes other than "high accuracy, highest battery drain" or why it actually does stay on when it is in high accuracy mode.

I'm hoping the developer has some insight into this, and can maybe provide a solution where the GPS can work at a lower duty cycle than 100%.

And by GPS I actually mean GPS, and not "network or wifi scan location" which do not work in rural areas around here.

I keep my phone in device only GPS mode with network location turned off to avoid grossly inaccurate locations of distant wireless networks being reported instead of GPS.