Google Weather Icon komponent

This is a weather icon komponent featuring the latest google weather icons, compatible with darkmode.

Extra things this icon does:

  1. Its based on providers’ weather codes, not weather icons resulting in a more detailed representation of the weather. There are much more weather codes provided than icons.

  2. Google’s weather icons come in light and darkmode sets. Thse have been incorporated with these options in a global variable darkmode. Darkmode can be on, off, follow your device or follow “inverted”

What does invert do?

Google by default features the “brighter” set on its darkmode and vice versa (for contrast). So by default follow device puts darker icons when not in darkmode, brighter in darkmode. The invert option well… Inverts that.

  1. During the nights the moon is displayed in its current phase. There is of course a global option to disable it and get the initial google moon. Also, the nights where clouds hide the moon :yum: , you can tap on the icon to check the phase momentarily.
    Tapping on the icon at anytime also force refreshes weather data.

Finally there is the classic global option to set the icon to current or up to 7 days forecast.

I’ve made a locked version just for those who might be afraid of messing with the wrong global parameters. Unlocked version csn be edited freely.

The .svg icons were found here:

G_Weather_Icon_Unlocked.komp (119.4 KB)
G_Weather_Icon_Locked.komp (122.9 KB)


how to set forecast (2, 3 days forecast etc.) icon shows day variant during the night, by the way great component
P.S. I meant, option to turn on/off NightIco

Go to globals tab and look for the first global list vRiable named:



Havent included an option to turn off nighticon, only to turn off night icon with moon phases

Apparently, I wasn’t clear enough. I’m aware of choosing Day/Forecast in the first global variable, I only asked for turning off Nighticon, but never mind, great component. I hope you’ll include option to turning on/off night icon in the future :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

In the meantime, you can edit the formula inside “Originals” group for the svg from:

$if(gv(hasnight)=1, (gv(gv(wcode)+gv(darkmode)+ai(isday))), (gv(gv(Wcode)+gv(darkmode))))$


$if(gv(hasnight)=1, (gv(gv(wcode)+gv(darkmode)+1)), (gv(gv(wcode)+gv(darkmode))))$

And you ll have night icons disabled. Also make sure to use the “default google” icons variable in the relative global

Edit to add: Im in the process of building a complete weather widget, but Ill look into your suggestion of incorporating a NightIcon option when I have the time