Google Calendar problems

I have four Google accounts and am using the calendar information in my widgets.
There are several problems with Google accounts that I have already created incidents for, but unfortunately those incidents were created on the old platform.
So, we are already beyond the “did you try turning it off and on again” state and need to have a follow up on the issues.

Let me repeat the current issues:

  1. Birthdays are not aggregated
  2. All-day events are not updated in a timely manner
  3. Appointments from shared calendars are displayed twice
  4. Calendar widgets drop black

In order to elaborate a bit:

Birthdays are not aggregated

  • I have birthdays in all four accounts.
  • I am displaying birthdays in an “All-day Event Widget”.
  • Only the birthdays from the first account are displayed.
  • Since a few versions of KWGT the birthdays even stopped showing at all.

The birthdays (and holidays) calendar(s) are a special case in the Google Calendar app. The Calendar app is aggregating the birthdays (and holidays) and displays them separately from the account calendars. In KWGT’s app settings you will see the birthday calendars separately, there is no divider between the accounts and there is no option to manually force KWGT to fetch the calendars again.

All-day events update
If you change or delete an all-day event, it seems to be impossible for KWGT to update the information in a timely manner; instead the event is updated the next day the earliest.

Double Appointments

  • I have two of the calendars linked to my primary calendar, so that I can easily create new events in the other accounts when using the browser version of Google calendar.
  • Recently KWGT is handling the events (the linked and the original) as two separate events and is displaying them twice.

Dropping black

  • I have three widgets for the current/upcoming appointment, the next and the one after that.
  • The background of the widgets is dimmed depending on the days in advance.
  • The widgets (and sometimes even the all-day widget with no dimming at all) drop black from time to time, especially after starting and ending the KWGT app.
  • They also do not seem to contain any calendar information, as tapping on the widgets does nothing, while it should jump to the corresponding appointment in the Calendar app.

I put all these issues into one post, as they all seem somehow correlated.

From what I were told, the developers are already working on those issues, but as it has been months since I reported them and I did not receive any update, I just thought that it might be a good idea to raise the issues again. :wink:

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Happy new year!!! :slight_smile:

What will happen next?

KLWP will work if KGWT doesn’t. I have three calendars plus a holiday one displaying correctly. I don’t use a widget just a KLWP box on one of my home pages which show the next 30 events on my calendars in a stack object. Events update in a few minutes since I also use Tasker to update KLWP global variables immediately anytime the Google calendar is modified.

I cannot change my wallpaper, but I will give KLWP at least a try to check, which of the technical issues might be solved by KLWP.

Some questions remain though:

  • How are issues tracked?
  • When will I get an update?
  • Can I somehow support the support and solution process in order to get things done?

I have the same problem with birthdays now… All was ok until the Android 14 update on my oneplus 11. After update and factory reset, KWGT correctly shows calendar events, but contact birthdays aren’t showed at all. I can’t find a way to solve the problem.

Please someone can help me?

Or we only need to wait for a future update?

Well, I am hoping for an update for over a year now and nothing happened.
I even offered to spend some money on having this bug fixed asap.
I can only hope, that some of the devs will read this and tackle this issue.
It is very annoying to not have birthdays and to have double appointments in my widgets.