Going back gesture from opened app does not lead to home screen where the link was clicked in the KWGT widget

I have the following issue with KWGT: I have a home screen setup with 4 home screen pages. On the main home screen I added a KWGT widget. This widget includes links to apps. Those links open the apps properly. The issue is, that if i swipe from left to right to go back from the opened app, it does not lead to the correct home screen with the KWGT widget that contains the related link but to another home screen, where app folders are integrated and highlights the folder, where the opened app is integrated as well. Is there a specific configuration missing from my side in order to ensure a proper navigation flow? Thanks for your support.

Technical setup
Device model: OnePlus 9 Pro
OS version: Android 14
KWGT Pro version: 3.75b410013

Can anyone please support me to solve this issue? It is urgent for me. Thanks a lot for your support.

I can’t seem to reproduce this issue. Could be launcher-related. Can you test this out with Nova Launcher?

Thanks for your reply. I currently do not use any custom launcher on my device. But OnePlus uses OxygenOS as UI. The thing is I never had this issue before on a OnePlus device in combination with KWGT.

Is anbody able to support with this issue??

Were you able to test this with Nova Launcher just to isolate if this is a launcher-related issue?

I did not try that for now becuase my bootloader is not unlocked and I currently do not run custom ROMs. Can I test it with Nova without rooted device?

Yes, you should be able to. I don’t think Nova requires root access.

I tested it with Nova. The issue is not occuring with Nova. What does that mean? Is the issue really related to the default original launcher?