Formula that worked for years to shuffle BG images no longer loads images

Hello, posting here as well as reddit.
I have a problem with a formula. it has worked for years but recently when I use it I just get a grey screen. what it does is every 15 minutes pick an image to display from a folder.
I ensured that this path is valid and I have many photos in there. this was literally working earlier today. but now I just cant get it to work. it is set as a global and I switch between this and one that has a static image (home/work)

$tu(rndimg, 15, “/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/papes/”)$

Google fucked up and actually turned scoped storage on.
this means I now have to store 30GB of photos in “~/Documents/Kustom/KLWP/Wallpapers” instead of “~/Photos/Papes/” like a sane human being.
If you happen to be a google engineer working on android and are reading this, Fuck you.

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Yep, this sounds about right. :smiley: