Formula for selecting an image using Timer Utilities > Random Image after 3.58 update

Hi! It looks like this update pushed to my device today. Storage migration went ok. A minor hang-up that required a manual move of my fonticon folder, but nothing I wasn't able to sort out. That said, I have searched this forum and the subreddit and can't seem to find anyone else with this issue...
I was using a global to select wallpaper at random. This gv is called wall1 and, pre-3.58, used the formula;$tu(rndimg, 5, "sdcard/Kustom/backgrounds")$
Then the background image was set using the formula "$gv(wall1)$
After getting this update, my background is black. When I opened the "wall1" gv I noticed that it was no longer selecting an image. Just an empty output field.
I figured this has to do with the removal of SD card access, so I went into my file manager and moved the folder to my main Kustom folder (as just designated by the migration). This new file path is /storage/emulated/0/Kustom/backgrounds
I copied the file path and then went to the gv and changed the formula to$tu(rndimg, 5, "/storage/emulated/0/Kustom/backgrounds")$
aaaaand...still a empty output field and blank background.
Did the formula for this function change? Is there something else I should be doing to make this work? Thanks for the amazing app and I look forward to getting this resolved.

Hey man, any luck with this? I'm trying to do the same, but it always get an empty output.

Check the replies on this reddit comment I made. :)