Fonticons showing up as a question mark

Hello Kustom team,

Please check the attached screenshot. When I am trying to add any fonticon, even from the default available fonticon packs in the app, it still is showing up as a question mark and I am unable to select any icons.

Please help at the earliest as my entire homescreen is having to be kept blank now since all icons are being showed up as a question mark.

With regards,

Mahesh Iyer

I'm having the same problem. Brand new Samsung phone, Android 10. I've uninstalled and reinstalled kwgt.

The four pre-installed icon fonts all show a question mark - some of them the icon picker works, some of them out doesn't - it just shows up with unknown.

I've installed several other icon fonts and none of them work either I'm on version 3.49

Hi Glenn,

It appears to be a bug with the version. This was clarified to me by the Kustom Team, thanks to Frank and you can download the fixed version fr the following link.

Thanks! :)