Font problems

I've been having problems while trying to add fonts to KWGT. I've put them into the correct location and they appear in the font menu. Although, they have the default font instead of the one I desire. This happens with every single one I try.

Are you sure font is valid? Is your disk full? Are you clearing app cache?

Well, I've downloaded said fonts from multiple sources, with plenty of Good reviews. I haven't tried clearing the app cache... I will just now

The fonts i've been trying are "diediedie" and "disgusting behavior"

Well, I cleared the cache and the problem still persists

Have you been able to resolve this, Jordan? I have a similar issue with the Huawei Mate 9. If I change the font in setting to another font, then that font proliferates into KWGT and makes every font look like the system font ... That includes the predesigned widgets. So even though the fonts are in the folder correctly, they will display as the new system font. But, if I revert back to the default Huawei stock font, then the fonts in the Kustom folder and the predesigned widget fonts display as they should. It seems to me that if KWGT can reflect fonts correctly with the stock system font it should be able to override the new, custom system font as well.

Anyone solve this issue yet...