Font issues - fonts reset after restart and can no longer be used

After restart, all KWGT widgets irreversibly reset to another font and can no longer use original KWGT fonts. I was using Roboto Condensed Bold.

The font names are displaying correctly, widget preview also displays correctly, but once the widget is placed on desktop, the displayed font is wrong (see screeenshots). I cannot find way a how to force KWGT to use its default fonts.

My device is Huawei Nova with Android 7 Nougat stock ROM, no root. I have SD card. Font files seem present in Kustom/Fonts directory on SD card. I tried to copy them to another locations at internal memory and SD card ("Fonts" directories) but without any success.

Any ideas? I found similar font issues reports, did anyone resolved this issue? Many thanks.

I think the issue is related to the fact that you are loading from a backup and the backup preset doesnt have the fonts, try the following:

- Load the preset

- If editor is showing the fonts correctly EXPORT the preset

- If not set the fonts again before and then export

- Load the exported widget

- Save

Dear Frank,

thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately the issue still persists.

FYI I cannot load the exported widget, since this feature is available only in PRO version which I don't actually have. Nevertheless I performed the suggested steps (skipping the step of loading exported widget), and the results were the same. Just to confirm I:

- loaded the present from the backup

- reselected font (Roboto Condensed Bold / tried also with another fonts)

- exported it and saved.

Fonts were always displaying correctly in the editor, but once I was done - saved and went back to see the resulting widget in action - fonts were incorrect. I experimented also with stock widget, default "DigitalAndBattery" that is in "Installed" tab in editor without any modification, but even this one had incorrect font once placed on the desktop. Please see attached screenshots.

This is clearly different behaviour than it was until the first restart of the phone. Before it KWGT displayed correctly all fonts in the widget. After the restart, the fonts in widget auto-changed and the app no longer places correct widgets on the desktop.

I would be grateful for any other idea. I can reinstall the app but I am afraid to lose the presets without PRO version.

Thanks a lot.