Flow to update 1 minute after value changes

Hello! I have an interactive calendar and agenda that allows for month and date selection to view agenda for any date selected. It works just like the samsung calendar app. I added a flow that will reset a selected date back to todays date every 3 minutes. That way if I look at dates in the future, I dont have to manually go back to todays date, it will automatically refresh every 3 minutes. However, since its every 3 minutes, there are times when I am looking ahead and it will refresh after 15 seconds because the refresh is tied to an interval and not the action itself. Is there a way instead to set this flow to reset the date to todays date 1 minute after a manual selection of a different date? Example: todays date is 5/13, if I select 5/14 in my calendar to see my agenda for tomorrow, I want the selection of 5/14 to be the trigger, and it will reset back to 5/13 one minute after the moment 5/14 was selected. Thank you for your help!

Off the top of my head, I would use a global variable for the selection, then use that global as a trigger for the flow

I think I understand how to have the flow run off the change to the global, but the part I cant wrap my head around is to delay the flow to run 1 minute after the change to the global. Not sure if I explained that well. Does that make sense?

Yeah sure, why dont you add a “delay” inside the flow?

Oh that is exactly what I am looking for. This is my first time creating a flow. How would I create a delay in the flow? Thank you for your help!

There is an action you can add called “delay”. At least I do have such an action in both kwgt and kwlp

That worked like a charm! Thank you so much for the help!

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