Flow send action

Working on a new flow action called “send data”, I was thinking to allow sending data between KWGT and KLWP for example, the data can then be used via $br(kwgt, var_name)$, it will also be possible to send data via broadcast so it can be used on other apps, any additional suggestion idea?

Off course it will allow sending data from watch phone app to watch, so you can have your phone battery for example displayed on the watch and vice versa display watch battery on KWGT.

Feedback welcome.


Just a QoL request if it’s possible.

I would love to use this feature a lot between phone and watch, and a lot of information (battery, cellular data, audio states etc) I plan on using this for would be based on timed intervals, like every minute, hour etc.
Would it be possible to add a trigger “Time” or something to simply put in every XX seconds?

This can easily be done with formula but again, just QoL. Looking forward for the next update!

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You can use a cron trigger to schedule something every X minutes, something like
*/5 * * * * will trigger a flow every 5 minutes, and yes you will be able to send data from the main app to KWCH and from KWCH to KLWP for example


Ohh, I had to Google crontab syntax but the site I used never mentioned that. Incredible, learning something new everyday. Again, looking forward to this feature! Great work!

Hi Franks and thanks as always!

Is this basically a broadcast intent function similar to that found in Tasker and others?

Yes exactly, a bit limited right now (only action with one extra and one value) but with the difference of being able to send data between Kustom apps, so you can send watch battery status to KWGT for example which might be useful

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I am sorry to admit that I never quite got the Intent URI flow action figured out. But how is this going to be different? Is this just for between Kustom apps or is it going to permit more generic use within Android? Sorry for being so dense.

Intent URI is a bit complex and doesn’t allow sending broadcasts, send data flow will look like below:


Just FYI, here are the parameters supported by Tasker’s Send Intent action:

Of these, the package became needed in many cases due to Android “security” stuff.

The var name field seems pretty Kustom-specific for use with $br()$, right? Not sure any other broadcast receiver will know what to do with that. In the past, I have thought of this as a Kustom-defined alias for the sending package name. But maybe I am all wet on that.

But if not, even though I would love having it, I cannot help but wonder if going beyond data interchange between Kustom apps into a more generic broadcast mechanism isn’t too large a bite (at least for a single action type)?


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Im just here to mention how interesting this is because exchanging data with other apps like tasker opens up the functionalities of widgets or wallpapers we create.
For example I currently have a kwgt widget which serves as a “control center” with buttons that switch on-off bluetooth, wifi, nfc and DoNotDisturb. As buttons they are just touch-mapped to tasker shortcuts, but the cool part is Im sending “feedback” from tasker back into kwgt to visually turn the buttons on or off. This way the buttons always display the true state of what it is they control.

So, any addition on this front is quite welcome.

Why not just admit it Theodor, you’re rewriting your whole UI not just making widgets :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Don’t worry, I’ve done exactly the same thing on my phone.

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I have done quite the same sort of thing with my KLWP. Dashboards a-plenty for my many IoT things.

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I would like to suggest that we can write & save data to a text file.

And, we can have form elements like textbox, selection, radio button, checkbox, etc. so that the user can interact with KLWP/KWGT by inputing some data.

Thank you.

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This is fantastic news. I too could not fathom the Intent URI action and in the beginning I resorted to using someone else’s example of using a shell script to broadcast an intent. It was a hit and miss way of doing it as it would fire during editing without pressing the shape that had the touch action to trigger the flow. I make a lot of dashboards for macrodroid and in the end I found web gets and posts were a good way of sending data out, albeit until you wander into a different network and your IP changes.
Being able to send intents with action and extra(s) will be a complete dream. Perhaps being able to specify a package name for the intent broadcast would be nice too?

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