Fitness Tracker

Hello! I am adding a fitness panel to my klwp that will show steps, calories burned, distance, and sleep over the past week, however I can’t seem to get the formulas for past data to work.

Here are the formulas I am using to pull from one week ago
$fd(steps, r6d, r6d)$
$fd(dista, r6d, r6d)$
$fd(cals, r6d, r6d)$
$fd(steps, r6d, r6d)$
$tf(fd(sleept, 22hr6d, r0h))$ (is there a way to also show minutes?)

Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

Are you using 3.75 or previous? Because 3.75 changed health data completely and has Health Connect support now, you should get data for the past 30 days

Yup i have 3.75 once i found out it had the fix for spotify cover Art. I am just having trouble with my formulas for the past fitness data

I have tested $fd(steps, r6d, r6d)$ on a Pixel 7 with latest beta and it works just fine

You can format tf doing like $tf(fd(sleept, 22hr6d, r0h), hh:mm)$, you can check full syntax here: TF - time span | Kustom HQ