First time KWCH user sharing some watchfaces

First of all, big thanks to the developer for KWCH. Have been an old user of KWGT and now using KWCH gives me an easy way to build custom watchfaces without too much effort. Looking forward to all the future development on KWCH. Specially interested in Tasker integration and internet over bluetooth.

Hope you all like it. Some of the background resources I have taken from other watchfaces.

Orange is the new Black

Nomos Black

Download links in post.


Download presets

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Welcome and thanks for sharing!!!

P.S. you should be able to attach your presets directly to the posts, kwch extension should be allowed for upload

Nomos_black_circular.kwch (104.1 KB)
Orange_is_the_new_Black.kwch (177.4 KB)

Uploaded presets again since the previous link is no longer working.

Here are two more that I created.

  1. Tag Heuer Analog


tag_golden_analog.kwch (366.2 KB)

  1. Puzzle Shapes in Yellow Digital


puzzle_shapes_yellow_digital.kwch (119.8 KB)

In the preview, Complication #1 is set to Steps and Complication #2 is set to Battery. The progress circle in the digital watchface shows step goal completion.

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Thanks for sharing!!