Fingerprint from klck

Is there a way to use my fingerprint from klck?because I always have to swipe away my klck screen or press the home button to use my fingerprint in my Samsung lockscreen. In other lockscreen apps I have already seen this feature to use the fingerprint. (Sorry for bad English)

KLCK Fingerprint is enabled only when there is not another secure lock screen running, i could enable it regardless but then you would need to "double press" the finger recognition since it will be catched first from KLCK and then from system lock, is this what you are looking for?

I think what he wants is Kustom to pick up when the fingerprint is used to unlock the phone and pass it to the Kustom lock screen. It's annoying having to swipe up after you have already used your fingerprint and gotten the "phone unlocked with fingerprint" notification on the S8

Frank, is there a way to just have KLCK close based on the status of si(locked)? For example, when I unlock my phone via fingerprint KLWP changes states under the KLCK overlay. Couldn't KLCK recognize that state change and unlock?

I think double pressing the fingerprint wont be an issue so can you enable that or explain to me how to do that


This is what i am looking for also. Seems all threads i am seeing 0n this topic are over a year old & i cant se to find any resolution or hints on how to set this up in klck...

Anyone able to get this working that can share the steps?