Feature requests for KWCH

I’m new to KWCH, but a day into using it, I had to go for Pro. The potential for this app on my new watch is amazing :slight_smile:

Feature requests:

  1. access to more than 4 complications
  2. access to weather data the same as the one used by Google directly in their weather info displays
  3. highlight areas for pivot points
  4. set coordinates for pivot points
  5. custom stack order for layers… Currently first row is background to last row is foreground… That confused me at start… I’m used to first row being topmost
  1. This is set by the watch so KWCH does not have control over this
  2. No access to Google weather API means KWCH won’t be able to retrieve data from Google
  3. You should be able to move items around inside a group by grabbing the handle to the left and then dragging them up/down

I was under the impression that there could be up to 8 complications, or at least that’s the maximum number of complications I’ve seen on some other watch faces.