Feature request: Manual ambient update interval

I’ve been running into a couple of issues related to ambient mode (AOD) while using KWCH.

All of them seems to be related to when KWCH updates the ambient display. Here are 2 example issues.

  1. Minutes are sometimes lagging behind. If the time is 21.30 and if ambient mode has been on it may show 21.29 instead. As soon as 21.31 (real time) hits and KWCH updates, it will jump from 21.29 to 21.31.

  2. While having something centered (example $df(hh:mm)$) and the text updates, it will not recenter if the text is in different size. 11:11 is usually smaller than 00:00 which will cause issues.
    For example, the time is 00:59, then it updates to 01:00 but it will not update the positioning.
    This will misalign the text (more to the left since the 1 is thinner than 0).

I don’t know if it’s KWCH or the watch itself that regulates when the ambient display updates but I think it is KWCH, hence why I’m requesting this feature.

If it would be possible, could you add a manual mode?
Like, update every 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds etc.
I’m aware of the extra battery drainage that may happen but I’d rather have that than seeing the wrong time (working as a train engineer and exact time is rather important to me).

Sorry if this has nothing to do with KWCH. I really love KWCH, incredible tool and I want to show that I really appreciate the work you put into all your apps!

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