Exported presets don't have title nor description in KWCH 3.75

I tried to export a preset but exported presets don’t have title nor description.
Also the app doesn’t ask to overwrite if I tried to save in same title existed prior to 3.75.

KWCH 3.75b404014beta
Google Pixel 4a with stock Android 13

Can’t seem to reproduce your issue. Are you missing the Title and Description fields when trying to export a widget or do you have them typed in but they are not showing in the Library tab?

As for overwriting the exported preset, you should get the option to overwrite the existing exported preset and there is also an option to “remember” what you selected. If you selected “remember” and then opted to overwrite, you will not be asked next time. Also, take note that simply saving the widget is different compared to exporting, and saving does not save to the exported preset and therefore will not overwrite it.

I’m having the same issue. When updating a previous Preset, the Title, Description, Author Name and Author Email fields are now blank.
KWCH V.3.75b404116beta
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (One UI 5.0 Watch, Wear OS 4.0)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 [Android 14, Sec. Patch Level January 1, 2024]

Can you try version 3.75b403516beta from Downloads | Kustom HQ?

I tried. Problem still persists.

I am having the same issue. Able to export preset but title does not appear in library.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Samsung Galaxy S23.

I tried 3.75b405308beta, now exported preset has title and description.

Off topic: how to revert the “remember” option for overwrite dialog?

Edit: nvm it asked to overwrite for second export after 3.75b405308beta.