Edit export protected preset

I forgot to make a copy of my original preset I've been working since a long time. I still have the export protected .klwp file. I've some changes I wanted to make but as it is export protected I can't save and export any changes. It is possible to retrieve the file somehow or bypass export protection? If someone could help I'd be utmost grateful.

Hi Aman, this is currently not possible, there is probably an idea open in the ideas forum to allow adding a password to protected presets so they can still be unlocked by original users but this is yet not available.

new to this so sorry if I am asking stupid things. made a lot of changes to a theme, translateded stuff to danish change icons and shortcuts saved it Manny times, cant export it locked by the author. tryet another theme and then all the work I made is gone, what to do ??

as of today it made it possible to edit it but not in klwp application change .klwp file to .zip formatted and extract and edit .json file

Did you ever expand on this concept? I'm currently sitting on an issue much like OP, and would love to be able to continuously swap around from time to time!