Duplicate Font Sets

In my case Entypo and Fontawesome are duplicated, icon folder is empty.
Does it get fixed?

When using the editor’s font icon selection, any preset 's or komponent’s font icons will appear there.

So for example if you have two presets loaded with fontawesome in use, you 'll see two sets of identical fontawesome ( plus the one in the icons folder, if you have it ).

yes that’s 100% accurate and it should be that way because if you load preset from someone else that has font/iconpacks same name as one you have in your kustom folder but have additional font icon which yours doesn’t contain that might result in error. as per of icon folder being empty it might either be corrupted or be invisible characters.

I don’t like the behaviour that the icon folder is not used at all, why should icon sets load from widget presets. Better visibility if they get moved to the icon folder, and if a set with same name comes in, rename it with a number behind. I also can’t remove the default sets, because they are not stored in the icon folder. But, makes more sense now with the explanation, thanks for that. It’s acceptable.

The icon folder isn’t empty because of some error, it’s not being used.

I agree with your idea of renaming it with number of some suffix text. This is my thought on “if they get moved to icon folder” there is no problem except for some people like creators who make Kustom packs who might accidently load the icon that was created by other creator and even then the creator who included someone’s else work don’t know might be led to calling stealing and there is chance it might then blame would shift to dev who implemented so, other than that If and if dev properly alerts users well as creators about change of that feature and by time then it would become like habit where you know where those icon packs are to use in my widgets then I would totally agree with your idea.